The Capital of Thassos

Panoramic View, Limenas Village

Geography of Thassos

Thassos is the northern island of the Agean Sea, located very close to the Eastern Macedonia coastline. It is situated in the gulf of Kavala and it's the closest to the continental Greece (8 km). Thassos is not far from Keramoti and the estuary of the Nestos River. It covers an area of 380 .

At its widest part, the island is 22km from east to west and 26 km long from north to south. It has a circumference of about 100 km, being smaller than Rhodes and larger than Samothrace. Thassos is a mountainous island. The highest point on the island is Ipsarion, at about 1 130 m above sea level. After Ipsario it's Profitis Ilias peak (1 108 m).

Administration and Economy

It is well-known that Thassos is the northern Aegean island and is located near the coast of Eastern Macedonia. It should be noted that administratively belongs to the Prefecture of Kavala. It consists of one Municipality that resides in the homonymous capital of the island, the Municipality of Thassos. According to the Municipality of Thassos its area is estimated at 393 square kilometres and its population is over 13.500 inhabitants.

Thassos is administratively divided into nine municipal districts, which are those of Kallirachi, Theologos, Sotiras, Rachoni, Prinos, Potamia, Panagia, Limenaria and Maries. Thassos, is one of the most accessible tourist destinations in Macedonia because of its geographical position, and is expected to support the biggest part of its economy on tourism.

Apart from tourism, the economy of Thassos is based on olive harvesting and the production of olive oil and olives, as well as the production, mainly, of pine honey. The professional engagement of the residents with fishing and stockbreeding are those factors that frame the economic development of the island.

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