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Honey harvest, Astris Village

Thassian Products

Thassos is a blessed place that bears aromas and flavors in its every corner!!  The famous, olive trees, apart from the fact that enrich the landscape with beautiful, golden green images, they give locals large productions of olives, the famous throumba with salt, providing a special savory experience, and olive oil of exceptional quality and low acidity, full of flavor and vitamins! 

The olive oil and olives produced in Thassos are exported throughout Greece and abroad. Another preoccupation of the inhabitants, beekeeping, provides yet another excellent product: honey from pine, thyme and other aromatic herbs, with characteristic colour, fine rich flavor and high nutritional value. Pine honey is unique in the eastern Mediterranean region!! A visit to Thassos, could only be accomplished by testing the traditional homemade sweets; walnut and fig, ranked first in the preferences, and the majority are not prepared with sugar, but with local honey, that makes those Thassian products even healthier and more enjoyable.

In various areas of the island, visitors will find the famous saragli, halva and other tray sweets. Finally, the citizens of Thassos are famous for the stockbreeding, which means that the flavors of pure kid goats and lamps are in abundance on the island.  For seafood lovers, there is always fresh fish, and gourmet dishes such as lobster and shrimps.  All the Thassian products mentioned above are of course accompanied by fine local, red for the most part, wine.

Thassian Gastronomy

Thassos Island is a gastronomic paradise by offering fine choices will lead you to unprecedented ways of tasting. Being an island one would expect to stand out only for the ouzo delis but Thassos will also satisfy the most demanding visitor not only with its seafood menu but also with its meat dishes. For those who love seafood we suggest you try octopus meatballs, grilled octopus or sun-dried, select varieties of fresh fish and taste grilled shrimps or even lobster… If you are meat eaters, Thassos will reward you with excellent local meat and the goat, lamb and kokoretsi will remain unforgettable.

Thassos is famous for its syrup-submerged fruits and nuts known as, spoon sweets (preserves) that are made from the local honey and this is the reason of their great taste. You should definitely try green walnut spoon sweet (karydaki), fig (syko), rose petal (triantafyllo) and zucchini (kolokythi) that are made with particular care and love by local producers. The honey of Thassos has a particular flavor, distinguished in pine honey and flower honey and it can be combined with walnuts, a classic treat of the adorable grandmothers of Thassos. If leaving the island without having tasted saragli of Thassos, you will have denied a unique culinary delight!!

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