Thassos's Trees

Olive Trees, Maries Thassos

Thassos's Animals

Sheeps, Ypsario Thassos

Thasso's Animals

Apart from the flora, the fauna is also rich in Thassos! The scent of thyme and honey dominate the island, indicating the presence of hundreds of beehives, grown with care by the locals, while at the mountain one will see herds of sheep and goats, that enhance farming of the island.

A special feature of the island’s fauna is the absence of large mammals (e.g. wolf, jackal, fox, wild boar, deer). Small mammals found are hares (Lepus europaeus) and ferrets (Martes foina), whose population in combination with other factors (weather conditions, food, etc.) show excessive growth.

Present on the island are the insular partridge (Alectoris chukar), the quail (Cotupnix coturnix), the turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur), the wood-pigeon, the mourning dove, the woodlark, the woodcock, the snipe, the blackbird, the starling, the thrushes, the magpie, the jackdaw, the carrion crow and the existence of various predators (eagles).

As the most of the other Greek islands, the presence of cats is tense, as they roam around the graphic streets of the villages. There are also lots of kind of fish under the sea, which challenge you to catch them while fishing in various places of the island.

Thassos Plants

On one hand... lush lands full of pines, platanus, firs and olive trees, which give off an odour of fertility, and on the other hand vast beaches with a golden face, sometimes purely Greek, and sometimes tropical! This inconceivable mixture is that ties the visitor forever into a place of rare beauty that is just… blessed!

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