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Ancient Market, Limenas Village

Tuesday, 02 October 2012 10:45

Villa Mandani

Villa Mandani is situated in Limenas, the capital of Thassos, just 350 metres from the beach, 3 minutes from the ferry port and 10 minutes from the town center. We offer 5 new luxury apartments and 1 studio that are fully equipped and carefuly furnished to not only accommodate you during your holidays on Thassos but to surpass your expectations. Come take pleasure in a wonderful, carefree holiday with your family and friends in a pleasant and luxurious atmosphere. We excell in taking care of our guests and keeping their accommodation clean and tidy so that all you will have to think about is how to enjoy most your time on Thassos.


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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 09:16

Ancient Market

The ancient market (agora) of Thassos is a favourite destinations for many tourists. You can see it’s ruins as you take a walk in the center of Limenas. The ancient town of Thassos had two ports, one for war ships and one for commercial ones. In front of the first one is the ancient marketplace of the town, the ruins of the ancient Court, the Tholos and a Paleochristian basilica. To the east of the marketplace, heading to the acropolis, you will sea the ruins of the sanctuary of Dionysus (5th century B.C.) and a little further the one of Poseidon (4th century B.C.). Finally, you should definitely pay a visit to the recently renovated Archaeological Museum (tel. 25930 22180), the collection of which comprises of remarkable findings such as “Kriophoros Kouros” (male statue), Venus and the dolphin, Dionysus head, etc.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 08:51

Ancient Theater

The Ancient Theater of Thassos is built inside a natural cavity of the hill and leaning against the wall; according to Hippocrates, it must have been built here as early as the 5th century B.C. During the summer, theatrical plays and artistic shows are performed at the ancient theatre. The ascending, especially organized path will lead the visitors to the ancient theater (5th century B.C.) offering a unique view of the sea, which was transformed into an arena during the Roman period. It is worth attending a performance here during the summer. Leaving the theater behind, the path will lead you to the remains of the acropolis and to the temple of Athena, matron-goddess of the town (6th - 5th centuries B.C.).

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 08:14

Saint Nikolaos

According to many this is one of the most ancient churches on the island that stands in the center of Limenas and is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, Saint Nikolaos.The church of Saint Nikolaos is built, certainly not by accident, by the sea.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 06:04


Kalogeriko is a historical building standing out from all the other buildings at the centre of the ancient port of Limenas. Is was built at the end of the 19th century and nowadays it hosts various cultural exhibitions and galleries of Greek and foreign artists. You should absolutely visit it and admire its architecture.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 10:55

Archaeological Museum of Thassos

The Archaeological Museum of Thassos (tel. 25930 22180) is located in the homonymous capital of the island and it is situated near the ancient market, almost in the centre of Limenas. It is worth visiting the museum, as it is considered by many one of the most remarkable provincial museums because of the findings that are exhibited dating from the Paleolithic to the Roman era. The exterior area of the Museum is part of your tour, as it is configured in such a way that follows the Archaeological Museum.

At the Archaeological Museum of Thassos you can see unique sculpture, ceramics, miniature sculpture and coin collections dating from the 7th century BC until the 7th century AD. In the Museum you can explore the so-called “Hall of Kouros”, where you can admire the krioforos Kouros (statue of a young man) of 3.5 meters that had been created for the sacred temple of Apollo. In the next hall you will be able to watch a short film, which will be informative about the history of plastic art of the island. Finally, you can also watch a film with reference to the antiquities of Thassos.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 10:01

Maryan Apartments

In the “heart” of Thassos, in Limenas, just 5 minutes away from the port and 5 minutes away from the divine beach of Nisteri and also very close to the sea, one can find one of the most modern small hotels in Thassos, the MaryAnn Apartments. This is a complex of apartments, decorated with elegance and tastefully designed in a neoclassical and stately style a splendid combination of luxury and simplicity. Thus the complex offers a friendly, pleasant and familiar atmosphere together with the high aesthetics and luxury makes your vacation unforgettable and ensures relaxation and tranquility for the visitors. It is the perfect combination for cozy and carefree vacation on the island of Thassos.


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Friday, 11 May 2012 07:15

Hotel Philoxenia Inn

Hotel Philoxenia Inn is located at the city of Thassos, capital of the island, just opposite of the Archeological museum, close to the Church and the Ancient Market. It is about 100 m. distance to the market of Limenas, and from the well-known port of the area, and 200 m. from the nearest beach of Thassos (Limenas). Hotel Philoxenia Inn is built in a perfect spot, because it can offer to the guests an easy and quick access to the center, on foot. Philoxenia Inn Hotel is also a magnificent place for rest and peace, and the reason is that it is noise-free from any kind of sound. It’s neoclassic style of architect offers luxury along with all the comforts.


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Friday, 11 May 2012 06:55

Albatros Studios

Thassos is a tourist resort well known for its natural beauty. Studios Albatros room rental, are just outside the city of Thassos, which is the capital of the island. It is an excellent place for your summer holidays or for some quick summer trips. You can access Studios Albatros very easily from the port. Our Studios are noise free, and are located inside the deep green nature, right next to the beautiful beach which is in a distance of only 1 minute on foot. The finesse and the carefully designed and clean areas are most certain that will earn your trust from the very first time. Studios Albatros room rental, are surrounded by pretty flowers and landscaped gardens, giving you a pleasant summer feeling!


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