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How to get to Thassos

By car

If you want to drive to Greece from Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Chech Republic, or Hungary, the best choice you have is to follow the European Road E75.

If you want to drive to Greece from Romania or Bulgaria, you should follow the European Road E79.

You can come to Thassos by your own vehicle. First you must go to the port of Kavala or the port of Keramoti. Kavala is located 165 km away from Thessaloniki, 170 km from Alexandroupoli. Keramoti is a small town located 60 km west of Kavala. When you arrive in any of those ports, you can take the ferry boat to reach Thassos. The routes which are available are:

Kavala - Skala Prinos

This is a route which lasts 1.15 hrs. There are 4 daily routes to and from.

Keramoti - Limenas

This is a route of 35 mins. There are plently of routes every day, almost every half an hour, especially during summer season.

Two major companies are responsible for the ferry boat routes. Visit their websites for extra information:

Aneth Ferries

Thassos Ferries

You can check the ferry boat timetables here

By bus

You can take the KTEL bus from Athens ( Kifisos Station ) or from Thessaloniki ( Macedonia Station ) and reach Kavala. The trip from Athens is about 9 hrs. and from Thessaloniki 2 hrs. When you reach Kavala, you can take the ferry boat to Skala Prinos.

Athens, Kifisos Station - Telephone (+30) 210 5124910, 210 5124911, 210 5132601 | Visit Website

Thessaloniki, Macedonia Station - Telephone (+30) 2310 595422 | Visit Website

By airplane

You can use the airport "Megas Alexandros" of Chrisoupoli which is 10 a minute drive from the port of Keramoti. There are several daily flights from and to Athens and other European cities. From the airport, you can take a taxi and reach the port of Keramoti, where you can take the ferry boat to Limenas.

Airport Website and Contact Details

You can visit the following websites to book a ticket now!

Air Berlin

UK Airports



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