Getting Around Thassos

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Getting Around Thassos

While you are in Thassos, you can move around by your own vehicle, or by KTEL buses and Taxis. The bus is a very good choice because it can take you to every place you want to go. The bus routes start from 6.00 am to 19.30 - 20.00. You can see all the bus schedules in various kiosks in all the villages in Thassos. But even if you miss the bus, don't worry! You can find a Taxi in the main square or main roads of the larger villages. Taxi is a good solution when you want to move somewhere close, and don't want to wait for the bus.


Thassos has a driving road around the island and its lenth is about 100 km. You need 2 hours to do a full circle of Thassos. during summer you can combine your ride around Thassos, with a stop at some beaches or traditional villages. There are many beaches that are isolated from others, and you can just park your vehicle nearby, and have a quick dive! The road has two currents, one for each direction. Take special care when you drive at the east part of Thassos, since there are lots of turns and the road is slightly thiner there.


As said before, you can use the bus to move around the island. There are many daily routes to each direction. Bus routes start at 6.00 am and end at 19.30 - 20.00. There are some buses that ride the round of the island, so you can combine a visit to a beach, take the next bus, and go to another, and so on! You can find the bus schedules in various kiosks around the island, or just ask the bus driver.


Moving around by Taxi is a nice choice, especially when you want to go somewhere nearby your hotel. You will go faster and you will have more time to explore the place you want to visit. Speak with the Taxi driver and ask for his card, to arrange your way back if you wish, or if the place you want to visit doesn't have a Taxi stop close.

Taxi Boats

You can move around some isolated beaches with the Taxi Boats. You can find them either at Limenas Port or at Limenaria. This is a nice choice to see some beaches and locations which you wouldn't be able to visit by car. The fee is not expensive so wear your swimsuit, grab your cameras and enjoy the ride!

Bus Stops & Gas Stations

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